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Cat Training and Kitten Training
In Your Home or Virtual

Behavior Issues and Other Reasons To Consider a Consultation About Your Cat:

Introducing a New Cat to Your Resident Family Dog, Cat, or Children.

Multi-Species Households That Aren’t Getting Along: Teaching your animals to live together.

Inappropriate Elimination: Your cat intermittently won’t use its litter box or has stopped using it.

Play Aggression: “Hide and seek” attacks, such as swiping at pants, feet; biting, or scratching.

Inter-Cat Aggression

Redirected Aggression: When your kittens or cats don’t get what they want, they focus their frustration on the closest person or animal.

Fear Aggression: Cat hides, cowers, or otherwise displays fear; most often occurring in multi-cat households when one cat invades another’s territory; sometimes starts as play and then escalates.

Nocturnal Activity: When your cat seems to “wake up” at night and gets involved in “hunting,” playing, jumping, destructive activity, or otherwise disturbing the household.

Cats Virtual Training

Virtual Training sessions are a great approach if we cannot meet in person, but only if I think you and your cat(s) will benefit. Virtual training provides a safe way to address your cat’s behavior issues.

Virtual sessions are 90min and include a follow up 15min telephone phone consultation for up to 4 months after initial consultation. Whether it be distance, health concerns surrounding in-person visits, or other circumstances, Sharon respects and aims to address everyone’s needs (both human and fur).