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Cat Training and Kitten Training

Behavior Issues and Other Reasons To Consider a Consultation About Your Cat:

Introducing a New Cat to Your Family Dog or Cat (or Children)

Multi-Species Households That Aren’t Getting Along: Teaching your animals to live together

Inappropriate Elimination: Your cat intermittently won’t use its litter box or has stopped using it.

Play Aggression: “Hide and seek” attacks, such as swiping at pants, feet; biting, or scratching

Inter-Cat Aggression

Redirected Aggression: When your kitty doesn’t get what he/she wants, so instead redirects his/her frustration at the closest person or animal

Fear Aggression: Cat hides, cowers, or otherwise displays fear; most often occurring in multi-cat households when one cat invades another’s territory; sometimes starts as play and then escalates

Nocturnal Activity: When your cat seems to “wake up” at night and gets involved in “hunting,” playing, jumping, destructive activity, or otherwise disturbing the household.

Virtual Training

The Pandemic has changed the way we live. Whether you live in an area I don’t travel to, or if you are concerned about your health. Virtual Training provides a safe way to address your animal’s training or behavior issues. I will let you know if your circumstances benefit from Virtual versus in-person.
Virtual sessions are 90 minutes and include a follow-up 15min consultation by phone up to 4 months after the initial consultation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for more details.