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Sharon Mear’s Training Cats and Dogs


Sharon Mear’s Training Cats and Dogs is an evolving program developed over my years in practice, working with people and teaching them how to train and better understand their animals. At a fundamental level, my techniques come out of the simple observation that when a dog or cat does something and gets pleasure from it, he or she will do it again. This idea shapes the basis for the methods I use and teach: reinforce good behavior with attention, praise, treats, and play; ignore or redirect bad behavior. Praise, practice, and patience are the essential instructions you’ll hear from me often.
Since my program works best when it integrates easily into daily life, my focus begins by understanding your own specific situation and parameters and your needs and expectations. Once I get a clear picture of these, I shape a program of straightforward, simple techniques and then guide you through the process of learning to use them. While teaching you how to work with your pet, I also coach you to better understand his or her communications and needs.

After each of our sessions together, you will see a real, marked improvement in your own abilities to use techniques that work in training your pet. You’ll also see your pet’s behavior and abilities improve based on your commitment to practice. Your pet will continue sharpening his or her abilities to attentively listen and respond to your commands. At the end of most lessons, I’ll also leave you with written materials that will remind you of the step-by-step processes our lesson has covered.

I offer competitively priced selections of packages that allow you to choose a program that works for your schedule, budget, and needs. Whether the situation calls for a customized, multi-step program or a one-time consultation, together, we can figure out what your situation requires and the best way to shape our work. Call me so we can discuss your specific needs.
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About Sharon

Sharon is recommended by veterinarians, animal care professionals, and organizations throughout the city, as well as revered and loved by 4-legged clients and their people.


Soiling outside the litter box, hiding, unexpected pouncing, scratching, and biting. There may be many reasons why your cat is showing signs that something isn’t right. As a trained and experienced animal behaviorist, Sharon brings a special love for kitties. She’ll sort out what’s going on and formulate a plan for your specific situation.


Taking direction, focusing on cues, socializing with dogs and people, and responding to basic obedience commands are fundamental skills that your dog will use for life. Sharon’s easy-to-follow, effective techniques teach you how to train your dog. You’ll see improvements starting from the very first session.


It’s never too early to lay the foundation for a loving, happy, lifelong relationship with your new pup. Sharon’s methods give you the training and communication skills you’ll need with lessons that are easy, informative, and fun for both you and your pup.
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Adopting a fur baby is a big commitment and one of the best decisions you might ever make! While Sharon understands that specific needs are very individualized, Sharon will support you in this process should an allergy-free breed be needed (as well as other conditions).


Training Cats & Dogs highly favors the “ADOPT DON’T SHOP” movement. This movement helps raise awareness about puppy mills, pet stores, and backyard breeders.

There are many benefits to adopting:

• Saving the life of an animal!

• Freeing up space for another rescue animal, whether in a shelter or foster home.
• Aids in supporting fewer strays on the streets.
• Aids in supporting less crowding and euthanized animals in shelters.
• Less Expensive: When adopting, one incurs fewer fees for neutering and overall health checks. Mixed breeds are statistically healthier animals and typically have overall fewer costs involved.
• Animals are returned for many personal reasons. It doesn’t mean that they are aggressive or have been abused!